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What You Should Know About Your Mom and Adverse Drug Reactions

Studies have shown that women have a higher risk of adverse drug reactions than men. If your mom is given a new prescription, your family must know what the medication does, what possible reactions are, and how to react if something seems wrong.

Caregiver in League City TX: Senior Prescription Safety
Caregiver in League City TX: Senior Prescription Safety

One study found that women have a 1.7 times greater chance of developing an adverse drug reaction. Age and presence of a chronic health condition like kidney or liver disease heighten that risk. Hormonal differences between men and women may also play a part.

What Should You Do?

To avoid adverse drug reactions, your mom needs to be honest with both you and her doctor. If she’s taken a medication in the past and didn’t feel right, she needs to speak up. If she takes a new medication and finds herself feeling off, she can’t hide it. You and her doctor can work with her to find the right treatment plan that doesn’t make her feel sick or uncomfortable.

Understand what you’re watching for by doing your research. If your mom is given a new prescription for her high blood pressure, read up and see what the common side effects are. Keep reading drug paperwork and guides to find the less common reactions. Keep them in mind and watch your mom for a few hours after she takes her medication.

Know the dangerous side effects, too. If she takes a new medication and becomes dizzy and passes out, develops a bad rash, or has a hard time breathing, get her to a doctor. Her new heart medication drops your mom’s blood pressure rapidly to worrisome numbers. It’s so low that she doesn’t even have the energy to stand up. That’s concerning and should be investigated.

Make sure she takes the medications correctly. If her bottle has a label saying to take the pill with a meal, have her eat first. If it says, take it with a full glass of water, make sure she drinks the whole glass.

Keep Track of the How Long It Takes

While you’re watching how your mom responds to a new medication, keep notes. Track the time it takes for the reaction to appear and note what happens. Even if the reaction seems minimal, call her doctor for advice. It may be worth having her seen by the doctor. The doctor may just ask you to monitor her at home.

It’s ideal to have someone around while your mom takes a new medication. Home care services are one way to make sure this happens. Caregivers can be there to remind your mom to take medications, make sure she’s taking them as instructed, and watch her for a reaction.

Home care aides also help with personal care and grooming, transportation, and meals. To learn more, call an agency.

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Sheila Perrine is the founder and Executive Director at Sheila’s Angels In Home Care, LLC
Sheila is an RN having earned her nursing degree in 2000. Before she became a nurse, Sheila took personal care of her mother who succumbed to a long battle with cancer. The nursing experience in hospitals gave Sheila the opportunity to help many other people and families facing difficult challenges inherent to their illnesses. Sheila’s experiences made her realize that there is a large need to further assist people with any type of disability as well as seniors and their families.

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