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Home Care near Clear Lake City TX area – 5 Tips for Balancing Work and Caregiving

Working caregivers are all over the nation. Some manage to work full-time from their home while caregiving full-time. Others hold down full or part-time jobs while caregiving. Your situation isn’t much different from hundreds of others. It’s impossible to be at work and with your parents at the same time, yet you often feel like you have to. How do you juggle work and caregiving without going crazy or getting burned out – or losing your job?Home Care near Clear Lake City TX area

  1. Tell your boss your situation. When your employer knows what’s going on, he is more likely to be flexible. It also reassures him that you desire to remain a valued employee. Be realistic and honest when you explain how caregiving might impact your life and possibly your job. Discuss your options.
  2. Possibly change your work hours. Some people are able to take part of their jobs home with them. Be careful about thinking that once at home your time will be all yours. It’s easy to get distracted with caregiving and then not get your job done at all. Perhaps a compressed schedule would help out.
  3. Scale back to a part-time position if you want to spend more hours in caregiving. Be honest with yourself – do you really want to do this? Will it damage your chances of progressing in your career? Is this really the solution that will work out the best?
  4. Take leave. Is there time off available for caregiving? What are your loved one’s needs – permanent or temporary? How about time off for personal use so you can relax from the rigors of caregiving? Is the amount of leave time adequate for your needs?
  5. Consider hiring an in-home care service to help you with the caregiving responsibilities, either full time or part time. With an expert professional caregiver taking care of the daily needs of your loved one, you can fulfill the duties of your job without having to worry if they are okay without you there. It makes a great deal of difference for you to have that peace of mind.

Your best solution may actually be a combination of some of the above suggestions. Whichever way you choose to go, remember the key is balance. Don’t try to do everything all by yourself all of the time. It is a recipe for disaster. Planning ahead and making sure everything is taken care of will help you to move on in your personal life, your career and looking after your elderly loved one with a healthy outlook on all these responsibilities.

And your loved one will be happier too, knowing that you aren’t giving up everything in your life to take care of their needs. They want you to be happy too.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care services in the Clear Lake City TX Area, call Sheila’s Angels and talk to our caring staff about your needs. Sheila’s Angels Provides In-home Elder Care for the Houston Area. Serving Clear Lake City, League City, Friendswood, Pearland, Alvin, El Largo, Nassau Bay, Seabrook, Taylor Lake, Clear Lake Shores and surrounding communities.


Sheila Perrine

Sheila Perrine is the founder and Executive Director at Sheila’s Angels In Home Care, LLC
Sheila is an RN having earned her nursing degree in 2000. Before she became a nurse, Sheila took personal care of her mother who succumbed to a long battle with cancer. The nursing experience in hospitals gave Sheila the opportunity to help many other people and families facing difficult challenges inherent to their illnesses. Sheila’s experiences made her realize that there is a large need to further assist people with any type of disability as well as seniors and their families.

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