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Using Long-Term Care Insurance

Understanding Your Policy & Benefits

Many clients have long-term insurance policies but are unclear how they work.  Sheila’s Angels can review these policies and help you understand what coverage is provided and the benefits available.

Claim Filing Assistance

Sheila’s Angels can assist with the filing of claims, including the required paperwork, to help you maximize available benefits in the shortest amount of time possible.

Claim Processing Assistance

After the filing of a benefits claim, Sheila’s Angels will stay engaged during claim processing to ensure your claim is being handled promptly and efficiently.  We will reach out to the insurance companies and their administrators to monitor and help advance the claim so that available benefits are timely provided.

Benefits Assistance

Sheila’s Angels is determined to help seniors obtain needed care without unnecessary stress.  One way to reduce stress is to let Sheila’s Angels coordinate and manage care plans in a way that maximizes long-term care insurance benefits.  We can also monitor insurance payments, including the option of direct billing to streamline the process.